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Industrial Subsidy

Industrial subsidies are financial incentives or support provided by governments to promote and sustain the growth of specific industries within their India.

Agriculture Subsidy

A subsidies are government financial incentives or support systems for agricultural productivity, food security, rural development.

Investment in India

The Invest in India programme encourages global and indigenous manufacturers to make goods in India. It aims to stimulate production, generate employment.

How to avail subsidies in India?

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Subsidy4India is a one stop platform for a farmer, agro entrepreneur, startups, corporate, foreign investor or even a not for profit organisation to identify all the subsidies and incentives being provided by Government of India in the field of agriculture and food industry.

Subsidy4India is promoted by SCPL, a well known consulting firm headquartered in Mumbai with offices in New Delhi and USA founded by the famous Shark Tank India couple, Rajeev & Trishla Surana.

Govt. of India is investing upwards of Rs.2 lac crore (USD 25 billion) to benefit farmers and the entire food value chain right from farm to fork but very often due to lack of awareness, expertise of simply because of the bandwidth the real beneficiaries are unable to take advantage of the subsidy schemes and funding available to all the stakeholders.

Subsidy4India will be your trusted partner to help you identify the right scheme which suits your requirement and then work with you to help you avail the scheme benefits till the funds are disbursed in your bank account. 

It’s as simple as lifting a fork, literally!

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  • India’s no.1 Subsidy Consultants
  • Clients range from startups to large corporates and MNCs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Capital subsidy refers to the subsidy provided for purchase of capital equipments as part of a project and interest subsidy is provided on the interest payable on bank loans taken for a project

The short answer is Yes. One can avail subsidies from multiple schemes for different components of the project.

For e.g. If you set up a warehouse for storing food grains, you can claim capital subsidy from NABARD for setting up the warehouse and interest subsidy from Agriculture Infrastructure Fund (AIF) for interest payable to your bank for availing project loan for setting up the warehouse.

Any project which involves availing a bank loan for availing the subsidy, one will require a DPR to be submitted to the bank as part of the loan application process.

In subsidy schemes which do not require one to avail bank loans, you would not require a DPR unless it is specifically mentioned in the subsidy scheme requirements.  

As mentioned above, any subsidy scheme which requires you to avail a bank loan to avail subsidies, you will need to avail a bank loan and the subsidy will be directly credited by the Govt. agency involved in one’s bank loan account hence reducing the principal amount payable to the bank

Each subsidy scheme has a specific purpose and the requirements as clearly mentioned in the scheme document. 

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